marți, 29 noiembrie 2011

"Who's your celebrity match"

 1. Describe your style
Acum sunt intr'o perioada in care experimentez, deci cameleonic. :)
2. What's your must-have wardrobe item?
3. What outfit would you choose for a red carpet event?

4. Why you like her/him?
Are stil, are voce, a fost declarata sexiest woman alive, e o rebela, face numai ce'i place si reuseste intotdeauna sa iese in evidenta! 

5. What do you think you have in common?
Frizurile, culoarea ochilor si un pic din personalitate. 
6. Do you hate anything about her?
Ma! :D
7. Post a pic of your favorite outfit of hers
Imi pare rau, nu am putut sa ma rezum la unul singur :D
Desigur mai are o multime, dar am ales dintre cele mai recente.

( Isn't she adorable? )
8. If you were here, who would you choose as your boyfriend?

9. Does she represent a role model to you?
Doar in ceea ce priveste moda si coafura si machiajul. :D

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